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Rude · Giggling

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Hey, did I tell you?

When I was in Nassau, I heard all kinds o' people referring to themselves and others as 'nigger'. In fact one engineer was telling some of his oldest friends, "I am a sincere nigger. Not the same type of these niggers all up in here."

When I mentioned to my Bahamian friend that it was interesting to hear educated folk of a successful black country referring to one another as niggers, she declared, "It is only in America that nigger is an insult."

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What's a catchy way of saying that poor Americans have a standard of living comensurate with the capital-strapped aristocrats of 18th century France? I want to type it up like an Analogy.

What has me thinking this is the importance of hair. As in:

(Do you wonder if she's wearing a locket or has a cell phone that makes 'whompwhompwhompwhomp' sounds?)

and this:

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Okay. I saw this, was shocked and appalled, but did laugh. I don't know if it's a follow-a-laugh-to-the-root-of-the-joke-and-it'll-make-you-cry-thing or something else. But yeah, this is crazy. There's some truth in here, and then there's some other stinky beads o' wax. Here be the link:


I'm just a little speechless. It's the bit with the girl that got a suck report card that did me in for the night: If nigga don't go to school, nigga don't get no education. If nigga don't get no education, nigga don't get no job. If nigga don't get no job, nigga don't get no BMW 700 series." That's when I broke. That's when *I* started laughing.

I feel dirty.
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